• Meet the Team | Consultant Sarah Malcolm

    ​Tell us a bit about yourself outside of recruitment… I have a 9 month old son called Mason, so now my life outside of recruitment revolves around him! My fiancé and I also run a fried chicken blog, which is loads of fun but not very good for the waistline (we even have a cat called Drumstick!). ​Other than that I’m not very exciting! We spend most of our weekends watchin...

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  • Meet the Team | Senior Talent Manager Nicola Stewart

    ​Tell us a bit about yourself outside of recruitment…I’m originally from Scotland and have been in NZ for 11 years. I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick, which is probably why I got into recruitment in the first place, so I have a degree in psychology and a graduate diploma in psychotherapy - I find people endlessly fascinating! I love to knit – scarve...

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  • Meet the Team | Senior Consultant Louise Paulin

    ​Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into recruitment? I spent my childhood in Wellington, Christchurch, and overseas in Vancouver and Taipei. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Chinese, at Otago University. From there I commenced my professional career living in Shanghai for three years, working for a ...

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  • Meet the Team | Talent Manager Claire Lowe

    ​In the next installment of our Meet the Team blogs, we find out more about our super star Talent Manager Claire Lowe.Over to you Claire…Tell us a bit about yourself outside of recruitment…I love spending time with my very spoilt Dachshund Evie and my partner Blair. On the weekends you might find me out shopping, taking the dog for a walk, doing a bit of DIY or catching up f...

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  • Meet the Team | Managing Director Lisa Cooley

    ​In the first of our Meet the Team blogs, we find out more about our Managing Director Lisa Cooley.Tell us a bit about yourself outside of recruitment…What there is a life outside of recruitment? Ok, so I first came to New Zealand from the UK when I was four and have had my Kiwi passport since I was seven. We went back to the UK when I was nine, and I lived there for 20 year...

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    Lisa Cooley
  • Top Tips for Excelling in a Video Interview

    Even though we’ve left level 4 behind and can hopefully see some light at the end of the tunnel, chances are most interviews will be conducted via video for a while yet. Perhaps now so many companies have got used to video interviewing they are likely to be more popular even once we’re all back in the office and our seemingly endless weeks of working from home are nothing b...

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  • Job Search Strategy

    ​Are you searching for a new job?Whether you’ve found yourself looking for a new role through circumstances beyond your control, or feel it’s time for a change, here’s some advice to set you up for job search success.Update your CV – Obvious right? It’s good to do this before you start your search as it will get you thinking about any particular projects or matters you’ve be...

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  • 5 Overused phrases in your CV you should probably avoid

    ​When writing a CV, it’s hard to avoid clichés entirely – we all do it. But if it sounds cringe, it probably is. Recruiters get sent hundreds of CVs, so you need to stand out for the right reasons. You only have a few seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention, so it’s important to avoid filler words and fluff. The key is to show rather than tell. To improve your chances of get...

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