Meet the Team | Senior Consultant Louise Paulin

02 September 2021

Louise Photo For Wesbite
Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into recruitment?

I spent my childhood in Wellington, Christchurch, and overseas in Vancouver and Taipei. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Chinese, at Otago University. From there I commenced my professional career living in Shanghai for three years, working for a large international group in marketing, communications, and business development.

I returned to New Zealand and worked for a leading public relations agency, managing campaigns across a diversity of clients including the technology and food and beverage sectors. I made the moved across to recruitment, where I felt I could partner with my clients more effectively in matching talent with opportunity while making a positive and meaningful impact on the growth of their businesses.

I think living overseas taught me to engage with a diverse range of people, especially living in Shanghai where I was meeting people from all different companies with interesting backgrounds.

PR is surprisingly like Recruitment in the sense you’re managing clients, thinking of new ways to solution sell your clients into media, and managing multiple projects at once. You build up great client etiquette too and the ability to manage hard conversations.

Tell us what you like doing outside of recruitment?

You’ll find me on a Friday afternoon having a wine with a friend decompressing from the week, on Saturday my partner and I enjoy going outdoors, spending time with family, or trying a new restaurant in Auckland. On a Sunday you’ll find me reading a book, doing a Pilates class, or watching a documentary!

Why did you join BrightSpark?

I initially worked for a large global recruitment company, but I saw real value in working as a start-up with start-ups in New Zealand. We are true specialists in what we do, and we have our ear to the ground across the whole Tech industry. I love the speed at which we do things at BrightSpark and having an opportunity to truly make an impact.


What do you love most about recruitment?

I am passionate about networking and have a curiosity about businesses and what they do and how they better New Zealand, you will naturally find this an easy job at the end of the day.

I think because we are placing talent in roles day in and day out you forget how much of an impact a change in jobs can make on someone – in a very positive way. It could be the job that had them meet their husband or the job that made them move to another city – and all because of you!

What do you love most about technology?

Technology is constantly changing and adapting – a lot of it is very purpose-driven and I really enjoy that.

What roles do you enjoy recruiting for the most?

 Anything product, customer experience, and digital gets me very excited but sometimes it comes down more to the company you’re recruiting for than the role itself. I love getting behind a company and really telling the market about them.


What is a random fact about you people might not know?

I used to speak fluent Chinese after studying Mandarin all through high-school and university! It’s not as good now as it used to be!

What makes you a good recruiter?

Passion and urgency! In Tech one recruiter can be working on more than 30 roles at one time (I know, we are very busy!) so it’s very important we service all our clients to a very high standard and it’s definitely a skill being able to juggle many balls in the air!