Meet the Team | Consultant Sarah Malcolm

14 September 2021

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of recruitment… 

I have a 9 month old son called Mason, so now my life outside of recruitment revolves around him! My fiancé and I also run a fried chicken blog, which is loads of fun but not very good for the waistline (we even have a cat called Drumstick!). ​Other than that I’m not very exciting! We spend most of our weekends watching re-runs of Brooklyn 99 or Seinfeld, I think that humor seeps into my daily life, love a good dry joke!  

How long have you been in recruitment, and how did you get into it? 

​I have been in recruitment for about 6 years. I fell into it, which I think most people did. After finishing my MCom I was not really sure what I wanted to do, since I had always worked in customer facing roles (I managed a hairdresser while I was at uni) I loved the idea of working in a job where I still got to talk to people everyday.  

Why did you join BrightSpark? 

​Haha.. one time I saw Lisa at an industry event and she was eating pizza and drinking beer and I always thought she would be great to work with!


What do you love most about recruitment? 

​I love that no two days are the same, something is always happening. Nothing beats when you are working with a great candidate and they end up getting a role they really wanted. I have been so lucky to meet some really great people along the way.  

What do you love most about technology? 

​I love the diversity in technology! The roles are all different, the candidates are all different, and my clients are all different. Its never boring. I also love how it changes so much, new roles and new technology is always coming through.  

What roles do you enjoy recruiting for the most? 

​That’s a hard one! Its always awesome when I’m working with a really great client or hiring manager, I think those are the roles I enjoy the most – when you know its an epic place for someone to work.  

What is a random fact about you people might not know? 

Believe it or not, I have never had a Big Mac  

What makes you a good recruiter? 

I don’t try and fit square pegs into round holes! If something isn't a match then it isn't a match, I try and learn what candidates are actually after and then let them know if the roles I'm working on will provide them with that.